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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Location Map of 11 District Hospitals



bid1 bid2 bid3.jpg bid4 

Elected Board Members

BM Win Win Garbo  BM Benjamin D. Jocson BM Mica Gonzales BM Sajid Eusoof  BM Ananial L. Canlas Jr
BM Krizzanel C. Garbo
(First District)
BM Benjamin D.

(First District)

BM Alyssa Michaela M. Gonzales
(Third District)

BM Lucky Ferdinand V. Labung
(Third District) 
BM Ananias L. Canlas, Jr
(Third District) 
 BM Mylyn P. Cayabyab  BM Sajid Eusoof  BM Olga Frances D. Dizon  BM Rolando D. Balingit  BM Nelson Calara
 BM Mylyn P. Cayabyab
(Second District)
 BM Sajid Khan M. Eusoof
(Second District)
 BM Olga Frances D. Dizon
(Second District)
 BM Rolando D. Balingit
(Fourth District)
BM Nelson

(Fourth District)

 BM Renato L. Mutuc

 BM macapagal barong2 moded

 BM Gabriel Moshe T. Lacson

BM Renato L. Mutuc
(ABC President)


BM Venancio S. Macapagal
(PCL President)


BM Gabriel Moshe T. Lacson
(SK President)


Public Employment Service Office


Where to go: Ground Floor Capitol Bldg., City of San Fernando (P)

Head of Office: Luningning Y. Vergara

Tel No.: (045) 963-5022

Availability: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m

Screening, Matching and Issuance of Referral 

About the Service:

Under the PESO Act of 1999, the Public Employment Service Office is mandated to carry out full and equal employment opportunities for all.

Referral is a process of directing pre-screened jobseekers to employers with vacancies matching their qualifications.


a) Resume

b) Credentials ( Scholastic, Employment)

Fees: None

Steps to Avail Service:

What to do Action Undertaken Time Person in-charge
Register in visitors logbook; Present requirements and apply for screening/matching Receive applicant; Check requirements and conduct interview 5 minutes Placement Staff
Secure and fill-up Skills Registry System Form
Provide Skills Registry System Form
1 minutes Placement Staff
Submit duly accomplished S.R.S. form Avail of Self-searching via Philjob.net Receive the fully accomplished S.R.S. form.
Assist client in Self-searching
10 minutes Placement Staff
Submit to Matching Conduct matching through interview 10 minutes Placement Staff
Wait while referral letter is processed Process referral letter 5 minutes Receiving clerk
Claim referral letter Approve, Sign and Release referral letter 3 minutes PESO Manager
Receiving clerk