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February(1st Saturday)

Ibon Ebon Festival

The Ibon Ebon Festival, dedicated to the famous Candaba Swamp which serves as the temporary home of thousands of birds and a stopover as our avian friends migrate to different parts of the world.

November 30

Candaba Town Fiesta

A celebration in honor of St. Andrew The Apostle


Pampanga River River

(formerly known as Rio Grande de Pampanga -- Great River of Pampanga) is the second largest river in the island of Luzon, next to Cagayan River and the third largest river in the Philippines. It is located in the Central Luzon region and traverses the provinces of Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Tarlac and Quezon.


Candaba Swamp

A natural sanctuary for thousands of birds migrating from China to flee the winter. The Bird Sanctuary of Candaba is a paradise waiting to be discovered hopefully by bird watchers and not by bird hunters. Migratory egrets and indigenous birds, like the rare salaksak and batala, can be observed here especially during the dry months when large formations of egrets descend on shallow pools teeming with snails and small fish. The best sight-seeing time to visit the swamp is from October to January when these wintering fine feathered creatures make Candaba their home.



St. Andrew The Apostle Church

Was built in 1875. Simplicity and scarcity of ornamentation are the main traits of the façade of this church: a triangular pediment with a protruding center. A new feature of the façade is the depressed three-centered arches of the windows on the second level, separated by a cornice decorated with geometric designs
Candaba Hanging Bridge Bridges Also known as the Candaba Suspension Bridge, the bridge’s design and framework were patterned after the famous San Francisco Bridge in the United States.


Sports Facilities/ Recreational Area

Candaba Town Plaza

Located at Poblacion, Pampanga


Lola Corazon Leisure Farm and Resort

Talang Candaba, Pampanga
(0917) 856-3009 / (045) 882-0589
Swimming Pool and Recreational Area 

Point Person

Leonardo Manalo (Chief of Staff)
(045) 302-7033/0917-324-5038
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